The She Shack

The “she shack” is the female answer to the coveted man cave, so if you want to turn your unfinished basement into the perfect haven with a woman’s touch, this guide can help. Guy Solomon can finish your basement, but it is up to you to choose decor.Personal Items and Mementos

Women enjoy items and mementos that remind them of their families and friends. A grandmother’s jewelry box, a great aunt’s curio cabinet, or even a late sister’s doll collection can all fit perfectly. If you have a hobby, make sure to include that, too. Blow up your favorite photograph, put it in a pretty frame, and make it a centerpiece. Glue your jigsaw puzzles to a heavy backing and hang those on the walls. Display your crocheted or knitted blankets on rustic ladders painted to match the rest of your decor. The possibilities are endless.Lots and Lots and Lots of Storage

Valuable Keepsakes

Women tend to view items of all kinds as keepsakes, including children’s kindergarten paperwork, locks of hair, and more. To create the perfect she shack, it is important build storage space not only for the items you need now, but also for those you may accumulate in the future. Be sure to consider adding a wardrobe or additional closet space for storing your out-of-season clothing items, shoes, jewelry, and other accessories, too.A Desk

Whether you are in charge of paying bills or you work from home from time to time, a desk is a very important addition to your she shack. It is where you will store your bills, paperwork, tax returns, and other important documents, and it is also your well-lit space for working, writing letters, or checking out your favorite websites. Choose a desk that suits your purpose and style, too. An antique roll-top completes a rustic look while a chrome and glass option works well with more modern decor.A Reading Nook

Books and Trinkets

Whether you prefer romance novels, sci-fi thrillers, or even the latest issue of Cosmopolitan, you can easily create the perfect place for relaxing in your she shack for reading. A chaise lounge with plenty of pillows, a dimmable lamp, and a few scented candles can completely transform a part of your space. In fact, indoor hammocks are gaining popularity every day, and they serve as a great spot to take a quiet nap.A “Spa” Area

If you want Guy Solomon and his team to put a bathroom in your basement she shack, then why not include a garden tub with powerful jets that can take the stress of the day away? This is the perfect centerpiece for a basement spa, too. Add some shelving for your lotions, powders, facial scrubs, peels, and even nail polishes so you can find what you need. Finally, be sure to include some aromatherapy in the form of incense, candles, or even potpourri, and put some soothing sounds on the sound system.

As you can see, your she shack can be anything you want with some thought and preparation. Guy Solomon can provide you with the perfect canvas; it is up to you to choose how you want to transform your underground space into something that is your personal haven.