What type of kitchen do you want? This is one of the most basic questions someone will ask you when you have your kitchen renovated or you are building a kitchen from scratch. Gone are the days when a kitchen was just a kitchen – now they are central hubs of your home, used for far more than cooking. Increasingly, we are eating, doing homework, reading, surfing the internet, and making memories in our kitchens. That is why people are willing to spend so much more time and effort on their kitchen than they are any other portion of their home. People will also won’t hesitate to search online to get ideas for their kitchen because internet will give you plenty of results like this website blog: kitchenremodelingtampafl.com.

Since the demand for innovative and beautiful kitchens has grown, so have the style options for the kitchen’s overall design. There are more possibilities for what you can do in a kitchen every single day – and more styles to match those designs. Whether you are interested in a crisp and contemporary kitchen or a beautiful farmhouse kitchen, choosing a style that matches what you need is important. You want to ask yourself the following questions when choosing from the different designs for kitchen renovation.

  •         How do I use this space?
  •         How will the design blend with the rest of the home?
  •         Am I ready for major renovation?
  •         How much am I willing to spend?
  •         Will I be redecorating other rooms to match the kitchen?

Your personal style is so important when it comes to building your dream kitchen – here are a few different choices you may want to consider.

Country/Farmhouse Kitchen

Probably the most popular style right now is a country style kitchen. These feel a little old-fashioned, but are certainly great places to spend some time cooking and living. Farmhouse style kitchens tend to be comfortable, using primary colors and a lot of wooden furniture. It is also a great option for people who have a large family or a young family because it can stand some use and if it starts to look weathered, that just adds to the appeal!

Look for bare woods, creamy colors, primary colors, and a great farmhouse sink to complete this look.

French Country

French Country kitchens are similar to country in that they have a lot of wooden furniture and warm tones. However, these tend to be a bit more polished than some of the traditional country kitchens. These are the kitchens where you can imagine your grandmother or mother spending hours and hours perfecting their red sauce or baking a loaf of bread.


Similar to a country farmhouse kitchen, a cottage kitchen is great for homes that do not have a lot of space to give away. Adding some fabric elements, like padded chairs or a collection of potholders, can really change the space. It is also a great place for people who like to show off their fruits and vegetables.

Cottage kitchens sometimes look a little more whimsical and can even use retro appliances – or modern appliances that have been designed to look older.

Modern Design

Modern design is very popular for people who don’t like a lot of clutter or like to keep things really clean and simple. This is for someone who doesn’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen for actual cooking. The hallmark of this design is a high-tech refrigerator, stovetop, and even kitchen set. An island is also quite a popular look and can double as a table when you add some stools.

Modern designs tend to be more for people who do not have children, but they are increasingly getting better so that the more expensive technology and design elements can’t be broken.


Similar to modern, contemporary style kitchens tend to be a little more family friendly. The look brings together some of the “home comforts” that we all love while having some new items that make daily life just a little bit easier. This is a place where you can do some serious cooking, but you can also have a lot of family fun at the same time.

One important facet of a contemporary kitchen? The color schemes! You will find a lot of natural colors and grays in these types of kitchens.

What kind of kitchen will you choose for your home? These are just a few of the options that you have. Different kitchen design styles are being created every day – you just have to choose the ones that work best for you, or you can marry some of the ideas together. The most important thing is that you have a designer and renovation team on your side that can help you to get what you want.