There are many types of diseases a person can acquire from the use of dirty carpets in their house. Millions of deadly microorganisms multiply in an area that is soft like carpet. Many people think that cleaning carpet is just a waste of time. Many of us do not know that there are many diseases associated with the presence of dirty carpets at home. That is why it is essential to get a professional service on cleaning your carpet. Check for the carpet cleaning services offered.

Whether you like it or not, it is essential to clean your carpet at home and in the workplace. This is essential especially if you are taking care of babies at home. You cannot stop your children from playing in the living room, whether watching movies with the family, or playing games by themselves.

This is why many people want their family to be protected from harmful germs all the time. But what if you preferred not to clean your carpet? What do you think will happen to you and your family?  

While they may be fastidiously clean about other areas of their homes like kitchens, toilets, and bathrooms, carpets are often left on the back burner, and they are often content to give them a quick vacuum once a week or so, hoping that this will remove most of the dust and dirt.

While this removes most of the dust and some dirt from the surface of the carpet, the dirt that cannot be removed by vacuuming is slowly being trodden deeper into the carpet pile mainly by massive feet.

This builds up over time if not eliminated. The dirt and germs that accumulate within the carpet itself may cause health risks to the family. Many people are not aware of what they can bring into their homes when they walk in off the street in their shoes; even household slippers can be a problem. You might bring germs along with you, and these may be the source of a particular infection.

Diseases From Uncleaned Carpets

Let have a closer look at some of the possible diseases you can acquire with your carpet being untidy.


  •  Asthma and Respiratory Problems. The indoor air quality can become ten times dirtier as compared to outdoor air quality. This can come as a result of not ensuring proper maintenance and hygienic carpet cleaning. Your carpet can become a triggering factor for asthma attacks which can lead to other severe respiratory problems.
  •  Skin Allergies.   If your skin is too sensitive and if you deal with dirty carpets almost every day, there is a probability that you will develop skin problems like allergies. It may begin from simple itchiness that could lead to more severe skin problems. Microscopic insects can live in carpets that can bite our skin and more seriously, lead to an allergic reaction.
  •  Other Allergies.   Sneezing, coughing and wheezing are caused by breathing in the dirt which is mixed in the air, and this dirt comes from filthy carpets at our homes. If there has been a rise in cases of allergies at your home, then there’s a high chance that your dirty carpets are the reason behind it.  
  • Kawasaki Disease. Scientific research indicates that there is an active link between carpet cleaners and Kawasaki disease. Some people prefer to clean the carpets with the use of carpet cleaners they find in the grocery stores. It is believed that the chemicals used to clean the carpet causes a severe disease like Kawasaki disease and is manifested by a rash on the hands, feet, tongue, and in the eyes along with a fever.

Don’t Infect Your Family

Do you think your family would still love to stay at your house if they got any of the above?

Combining all of those thoughts, having dirty carpets at home would offer nothing but negative results, physically, mentally or perhaps, emotionally too. A dirty carpet would give anyone precisely the opposite, to a common connotation that goes, “Home sweet home.” Instead, it would revise the thought and make it as “home stinky home”.

Now, you know exactly what will happen if you can’t maintain your carpet. This is the reason why you should get the services of professional carpet cleaning to prevent the spread of common diseases in your home effectively.

A professional carpet cleaning service uses highly specialized cleaning agents and techniques to remove deeply embedded dirt in your carpet. You need professional help if you want to save your family from these harmful diseases brought about by dirty carpets.