Rustic is a decorative trend that remains valid, especially nowadays overwhelmed with modernity that we want to capture the feeling of calm and naturalness that had the holiday cottages which is that this style of decoration is inspired. You now have some advantages if even you decide by himself to decorate your stays.


Decorating in rustic style

Take advantage of the rustic style to decorate home, allows us to take advantage of the most natural elements such as the use of wood in its natural color are already clear and neutral. It is a style in which you must put enthusiasm because you have to assemble furniture and materials that make it up, but it is a style cheap because many of them are easy to get. So it is more accessible than other decorative styles that do require certain elements that make them expensive.


What you need for rustic style

One of the great advantages of the rustic style is that the details needed to create the same are accessible. This must take into account what you need to create that style which are the use of decorative details, paintings, wall and furniture colors that identify a rustic style as the colors are land such as beige, light red, mustard or terracotta, ochre for decorative details and the color of walls. More on details on that at

Rustic style with lots of light

As the old cottages in which natural light was what most used, to recreate a rustic style in the decoration should take advantage of the natural light that leads to curtains in light colours that allow entry to the maximum of the outside light. And it is also used in the painting of the walls in the rustic style is used in light colors and applied the technique of fluff that gives the nuance of color need an environment that you want to be country.

Rustic Decorative

In the detail is everything, after using walls in colors from the rustic, natural wood furniture that are perfect for a rustic style decoration, also should take advantage of details, ceramic tableware, the rustic wooden table, appearance aged kitchen Dresser, as well as the ceramic tableware.
The wooden headboard of aged and rough aspect for bedroom and bedding in cotton and simple that you would use in a country house. Coat racks and lamps antique look that you can buy in shops of decoration that specialize in replicas of this type of details that make up the most beautiful rustic style. In the bathroom a bathtub of cotton textiles and antique look. Jody Kriss, an expert of decorating can help & guide you for satisfying and overwhelming rustic style design.